RS Gauge Works

3028 E. Danbury Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 978-1746
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Makes and Models from 1920 through 1970's
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We specialze in restoring 1920 through 1970 automotive gauges, clocks, and radio conversions. Quality restoration and customization is performed in house at our Arizona facility. Your speedometer, clock and gauges can be rebuilt, or upgraded to new modern fixtures with factory look and feel. Our repairs and restorations are hand crafted with attention to detail and bench tested before leaving our shop.

Gauges, can be restored to look "factory new" or customized to fit new interiors or modern motor swaps.


Convert your current AM radio to AM-FM. Your car will have that factory look, and you can still enjoy your music on the road or at the car show. Digital components will be properly added inside your radio. Your factory knobs and buttons will still work. If your radio has Wonderbar, this feature will continue to function! Pigtail with mini plug will be added to a location you specify so that you can enjoy music from your MP3 player, or external CD source. Your factory radio is missing? Check out our selection of new radios with a factory look. These radios are manufactured to look and fit just like the factory radio, but have modern components inside.



Clock conversions to quartz or standard repair.

Bench tested to insure accuracy and dependability.

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